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Fact or Fiction was a popular cable show that ran from January 15, 1995 until December 15, 1995.

Hosted by Steven Avkast and Locus Wheeler, it focused on paranormal type events.

It ended when the show's creators Steven Avkast and Locus Wheeler were murdered along with Rein Clackin. These murders happened on location in the Pine Barrens, while taping an episode that was supposed to be ground breaking.

The tapes of the show are now sought after collectors items. Segments of some shows appear in The Last Broadcast.

The following is a chronological order.

There were 23 episodes of Fact or Fiction. In addition, there were 3 episodes that never were aired. (PSW) stands for pre-Sam Woods.

NOTE: This is still being compiled. Some episodes are impossible to find. Some have been confiscated by the police. If you have any episodes of Fact or Fiction on videotape, or know of someone who does, please send email to The Last Broadcast

  1. The Hip/Swing/Funk Paranormal Activity Show - First show- wasn't even called Fact or Fiction at this point. Featured Steven and a nervous Locus standing at a supposed haunted inn. (PSW)
  2. Fact or Fiction- Farm Machinery From Hell- went to several farms and talked to farmers about machinery that had a supposed mind of it's own. Actually scary and funny at the same time.- featured the famous "Thumb cut off reenactment". This is when people started to see that Locus was a real prankster. (PSW)
  3. Haunting Music- The show featured a couple local bands, while Locus tried to convince them their instruments were haunted. (PSW) *this show was the ratings grabber
  4. The Train- Actually received calls of complaint. A truly scary show about a train that supposedly was haunted. This featured the first "investigative" journalism on their part. (PSW)
  5. Musuem Vibe- Steven and Locus go to the museum.(PSW)
  6. Movie madness- Locus goes to the movies and talks about the ghosts in a projecter (very symbolic/allegorical stuff, kinda boring) (PSW)
  7. The Valley- Local ghosts (PSW)
  8. Psychic Pool Party- an excuse for Locus and Steven to throw a "pool party", complete with scantily clad girls running around/ bands playing and psychics predicting what is going to happen. This was when the show really hit with the generation Y crowd and grew rapidly in popularity.
  9. Grave Rave- In keeping with their formula for success, Steven and Locus threw a party at a cemetary and did the show. Another ratings grabber. This is when they were cited and almost thrown off the air. (PSW)
  10. Portense- This was the first show to feature the directing of Sam Woods. It featured a serious "end of the century" motiff and was actually quite professional.
  11. Psychic- A psychic discussed her talents.
  12. The Pen Is Mighter Than The Sword.- A story about a person who got stabbed by a flying pen.
  13. The Two Headed Turtle- A story about a real two headed turtle.
  14. The Two Headed Baby- Locus attempts to follow the success of the turtle with a human baby. Big Failure.
  15. Haunting Music II- Steven and Locus fall back on formula and have another "haunted band night".
  16. The Church- considered by some to be the start of the best phase of their work, Steven and Locus investigate an old church where strange things go on. Rather than be sensational, they actually did reporting. (Sam Woods cinematography is felt all over this one)
  17. The Bunker- In keeping with the "strange church" motiff, Steven and Locus blow the hood off a militant religious group. This is the one where Steven gets caught in a Bear trap.
  18. Acme what?- This is where Locus, and a limping Steven do a story about cryogenics. They got chased by local security... we see Locus run and Steven get caught. (very amusing)
  19. The Cripples of Creek Road- Locus and Steven do a story about a little known section of a road, inhabited by strange cripples. (thought to have been brought about because of Stevens injury.)

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