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AUG-SEP '99 The Last Broadcast is coming to home video

SEP 24th - 30th, special limited "back by popular demand" theatrical shows


The Last Broadcast makes national TV:

Flanders International Film Festival:

Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler have been invited to the Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium, to lecture at the digiforum. They will discuss the new world of digital film making and how The Last Broadcast was part of it.

*sometime in the near future we'll have an online diary, complete with photos. This festival ROCKED!! We felt like stars and met some excellent people.

DV MAGAZINE will be streaming the trailer and doing a brief write up on it's web site. This will be up by the second week in Oct. The film will also be mentioned in the letters section of the magazine.


WIRED MAGAZINE Cover story Special report!! Hollywood 2.0 baby! "Meet the new players who are reinventing entertainment" . Is this going to our heads? You bet! Nah... just kidding; but it is too cool to be in the same list as Luc Besson and Linwood Dunn.

VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE will have a feature article about how we made the movie entirely on our desktops.

THE CRAIG WRIGHT SHOW- Our first radio interview. Cool guy. We even had a caller ask us how we could call this a film when in fact most of it was shot on video.

FILM THREAT WEEKLY- Cool article with attitude.

PC GRAPHICS AND VIDEO has commissioned us to write an article about how we made the movie. It will detail the process from building the systems to mastering for DVD.

CLIPS SHOWCASE- December 18 we will be presenting a section of the film to an audience of producers, agents, development executives, distributors and the media. We are very excited about this as this showcase has been the beginning of quite a few successful films.

January, 1998 FEBRUARY, 1998 MARCH, 1998 July 1998 AUGUST 1998 SEPTEMBER 1998 OCTOBER 1998

Theatrical Release October 23, 1998

In October, it's coming...
The First Theatrical release of an independent film via satellite.
This is going to be of vital importance for indie film makers.

The Last Broadcast will be opening in :
Philadelphia PA, Providence RI, Orlando FL, Minneapolis MN, Portland OR

Let us know if you're interested in helping us set up a screening in your town... if you join the mailing list, you'll find out when and where we'll be.


Nov 15,
IFC and Wavelength Releasing are proud to present the first ever U.S. Broadband internet release of a theatrical feature film.
story in Forbes

Dec 15 - Toronto Showing At the Design Arts Center sponsored by CFC


Cool story in Raygun by Sarah Jacobson

Sundance Film Festival - Wavelength Releasing will be heading the Digital Panels with Shootouts, Discussions of new technologies and more


Rotterdam International Film Festival- In competition in the Exploding Cinema Section.
MARCH 1999

3/13 NUFF Panel on Digital Filmmaking

MARCH 18, 1999
Atlanta, Ga

8 pm, AMC Phipps Plaza,
3500 Peachtree Rd. NE

3/27,28 Cleveland Film Festival

3/30 AIVF panel on Digital Filmmaking

APRIL 1999

Buenos Aires International Film Festival

"Mind The Gap" - Amsterdam, Holland

MAY 1999

International Electronic Cinema Tour May'99

Theatrical MAY, 1999


The last chance to see The Last Broadcast on the big screen..

May 15

110 w 57th St. For ticket info visit (starting May 3rd) or call (718) 784-4520
Co-Presented by the American Museum of the Moving Image & The Independent Film Channel.

May 18-20

Cannes, France
Cannes International Film Festival
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL "Mitic Technology Showcase" Miramar Theater located on the Croisette May 18, 19 and 20

May 22-23

London, England
LUX CENTER 2-4 Hoxton Square Tel: 44(0)171 684 0101

May 27-30

Dublin, Ireland
Darklight Film Festival

May 28-June 4

Stockholm, Sweden
Popcorn Film Festival


The Last Broadcast on home video
available at for a limited time. (until Aug 24th)


Sept 28

Released exclusively at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO across the country

Sept 24-30th

Special limited engagement return to the COUNTY THEATER in Bucks county Pa. (where it all started)


Oct 6th
East Coast VSDA convention - Atlantic City.

Oct 11th - 16th
Flanders International Film Festival  - return to where it all started and a very nice way to finish. The movie and two debates about digital cinema will be seen in Ghent, Belgium and also beamed to Madrid and Amsterdam. This was our first and favorite festival, so we are really excited to go.


Nov 30th
General Home video release on VHS and DVD

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