The Last Broadcast is back in an all new DVD!
You can buy it at most large stores, like BEST BUY, Borders, etc. or, order it here.

See the trailer: tlbtrailer1.mpg (hi res), tlbtrailer2.mpg (lo res), tlbtrailer3.mpg (tv trailer)

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We've packed this new DVD with features!

Re-mastered feature - picture and audio
Two commentary tracks (original 1999 and new 2006)
Behind the scenes of Production
Behind the scenes of Post-Production
Behind the scenes of Distribution
The True Legend of the Jersey Devil
Raw Interview Footage
Fact or Fiction - rare clips from the cable show
Jim Seward - Alive and Well
Theatrical Trailer, Short Trailer
Gallery of Gore
English, Spanish Subtitles
Trailers for Ghosts of Edendale and Head trauma
A unique feature:  the oft requested Soundtrack of the movie
has been incorporated into chapter selections.
Famed Comic book artist, Stephen Bissette (Swamp Thing, Constantine) has created an original COMIC BOOK that is included with the DVD!
And perhaps an Easter egg...